Are you overwhelmed trying

to figure out what to eat

during your pregnancy?

  • Take the stress out of confirming what’s safe and what’s not

  • Avoid conflicting answers from Google 

  • Gain confidence in making daily food choices during your pregnancy

Finding out you're pregnant is exciting, but also


The most necessary human need, food, now creates a huge amount of

anxiety and fear.

The Prenatal Nutrition Library answers all of the questions you’ve been googling since you found out you are pregnant. Using the most up to date nutrition science, it gives you clear, real life answers to guide you through a healthy, feel-good pregnancy.


"I feel like I'm more in control of my health and what I'm putting into my body. The one thing I think that scares me about pregnancy is all the restrictions but I've never understood why there are restrictions. Going through your program gives me confidence in making an educated decision on how I eat or what I put in my body based on actual research.  Thank you so much for this! It's been honestly life changing. I can say I'm less stressed this pregnancy than I was with my last now that I feel educated.” 

Caitlin F

Feel-good pregnancy

  • You constantly question if the foods you eat everyday are safe. 

  • You worry that you might put something in your body that isn’t safe for the baby.

  • You want to do everything you can to keep the baby healthy and growing!


"Ryann is extremely knowledgeable in regards to nutrition, especially for pre-pregnancy and pregnancy nutrition. She helped me get my period back with proper nutrition after losing it for 6 months while training for my wedding (with an unqualified trainer doling out nutrition advice). I am so grateful for Ryann!! I am always impressed that she uses studies to back up her information and is very up to date on current findings. She makes you feel very confident going into pregnancy knowing you’re giving your next two generations optimal nutrition!"

Stephanie G

Feel-good pregnancy

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Meal plans for each stage of pregnancy


"If you want a step by step plan with correct information, this is it! A to Z covers it all so you don’t have to go guessing and searching for answers. I would’ve found a lot more value in my first pregnancy with this.

Unfortunately, I wasted a lot of time doing a bunch of research already since it’s my 3rd!”

Abby G.

Feel-good pregnancy


Working with Ryann has been super easy and enjoyable! My partner and I had been TTC for about 5 months before I found Ryann on Instagram.  Her recommendations and lifestyle changes have been super helpful and it has been an easy adjustment. Also, learning how to add in different types of nutrients through different foods has been very eye opening. I have struggled my entire life with my weight (constant ups and downs) so learning how to have a balanced lifestyle has been super helpful, especially a lifestyle that will hopefully soon benefit both myself and baby. I have a severe dairy and egg allergy and Ryann has gone above and beyond working around it (which has always been a super struggle with all those cookie cutter meal plans out there).  Ryann is so sweet and has always answered all of my questions. I would definitely recommend her if you are looking to enhance your life and live a healthy lifestyle for you and your baby!​

Kelly B.

Feel-good pregnancy


"My other pregnancies I would feel awful and wouldn’t eat hardly anything. Maybe a toaster strudel or something I could stomach. I threw up almost daily. This time around I have made it 11.5 WGA and no puking so far! I still feel equally as sick but I force myself to eat my planned out meals and snacks. Game changer. I know I will throw up eventually (once I do, it’s a daily occurrence) but I’ve been able to hold it off so far. Every morning I think that it will be that day, but I think having food in me and the right balance of foods help! Thank you!

Dr. Amy Schantzen

Feel-good pregnancy


meal plans for purchase



includes 5 meal plans



Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Lactation Educator

I’ve helped hundreds of women escape confusing and outdated nutrition information to find a happy, feel-good pregnancy.


Simply put, advice to "take a prenatal vitamin" is not enough.

If there is any time in your life to make nutrition a priority,

it’s now.


Eating for two people is different than eating for one. Appetite changes, intense cravings, morning sickness, and heartburn comes in winds and you’re forced to lean into your bodies cues like never before.


During pregnancy, you have to eat intentionally and I’m here to make it easy for you. I’ve done all the research, so you don’t have to spend another minute debating your every bite.


Having the “pregnancy glow” is great and all, but feeling that glow (confidence, nourishment, and energy) on the inside is what matters the most. 

Q: Can I join if I’m not pregnant yet?

Q: I’m already in week 30+ of my pregnancy, is this still going to help me?

Q: Can I cancel my membership?

Q: Can I join this membership if I’m a vegetarian/paleo/gluten-free/dairy-free/etc.?

A: Yes! There will be valuable information for all types of diets backed with evidence-based information. The meal plans are created as if the person following them has no dietary restrictions and are meant to be adjusted based on the individuals needs.

Q: Can I join if I live outside of the U.S.?

Q: What format is the content delivered in?

Q: Are meal plans included?